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Ncera Macadamia Farming is a world class macadamia producing nursery basing its operations in Ncera, 30km south of East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa.


2005: East Cape Macadamia commenced with the macadamia project in the Ncera community in May.

2006: Nursery construction completed in March.

2098: Ncera Macadamia Farming (Pty) Ltd established in May.

2009: Phase 1 – 50ha planting completed in March.

2012: Phase 2 – Plantation extended by 30ha.

2013: First harvest yielded better than industry expected results. Plantation extended by 40ha.

2014: Plantation extended by 40ha.

2015: Plantation extended by 30ha – 190ha’s planted to date.

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Read more about some of our successes since commencement of the Ncera Macadamia project


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To be a world-class operation with community and private sector involvement to create a sustainable business that delivers value to its shareholders.


Why does the Eastern Cape provide favourable conditions to grow macadamias?

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  • East Cape coastal climate is ideal.
  • Rand hedge capability and low input costs associated with macadamia production supports long-term profitability (R50,000/ha at maturity).
  • Macadamia’s are labour intensive supporting job creation.
  • Tourist income can be harvested through community initiatives i.e. cultural villages.
  • Macadamia industry is new to the Eastern Cape and rural communities will be best placed in exploiting first mover advantage with this product within the region.