About the company
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Ncera Macadamia Farming was formally registered as private company in 2008 basing its operations in Ncera, 30km south of East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Ncera Macadamia Farming boasts a world-class macadamia nursery that has been accredited by the Association of Southern African Macadamia Growers.

The Ncera community, situated 30km south of East London has the resource potential to make Ncera Macadamia Farming a sustainable venture. The area’s soils, climate and water availability contribute to Ncera being a favourable location. In addition to these natural resources, other value adds include strong human resource potential; a sound relationship established with the Ncera Village 1 Committee and the Imidushane Traditional Authority; close proximity of East London airport and harbour facilitate both exports and supply channels.


Ncera Macadamia Farming has the intellect, experience, skills, energy and networking capabilities to facilitate the development of a profitable and sustainable macadamia business. As such, the company is steadfast towards:

The creation of employment

Commitment to stakeholders

Delivery of a world-class product to the local and global economy


  • Conducting operations within legal and ethical guidelines.
  • Providing opportunities for upliftment, promotion & self-improvement of all employees at all categories.
  • Focusing on employees’ upliftment, work performance, accountability, self-esteem & standard of living.
  • Providing in-house training for adult literacy, life skills, supervisory courses, practical field courses, machinery operations and specialist work.

Our vision is to be a world-class operation with community and private sector involvement to create a sustainable business that delivers value to its shareholders.


Some of our successes since commencement of the Ncera Macadamia project in May 2005.

  • Construction of a world class nursery.
  • Total of 150 jobs created – with a potential of up to 300 to 400 jobs once 300ha’s is under cultivation.
  • Skills transfer to all employees, including upskilling previously disadvantaged individuals for managerial and leadership positions.
  • Shared vision between Ncera community leaders and stakeholders.
  • Lease, management and shareholder agreements between Ncera community and relevant parties in place.
  • Backing from government: Department of Agriculture (DOA), Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), Department of Water Affairs (DWA), Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Buffalo City Municipality and the Department of Rural Development & Land Reform.
  • Water licence for the irrigation of the 300ha plantation issued by DOA/DAFF.
  • Permit for establishing the macadamia orchard obtained from the DOA.
  • Record of decision issued by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism for the target 300ha.
  • Drying bins installed to accommodate initial harvests.
  • In 2015, produced its second crop 49 tons nut-in-shell.

Our strides pave the way for further expansion and development of the Eastern Cape’s macadamia industry.

Creation of jobs

Training and skills development

Development of sustainable farming within rural/disadvantaged communities

Introducing a tourism component to Ncera

Establishing an export market