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The Ncera Community is made up of nine villages with a total population of 36 000 people. The location along the Eastern Cape coastline is suitable for macadamia farming. The area has fertile soil, access to water and weather conditions are also favourable to producing a fine macadamia harvest.

Under the leadership of the Imidushane Council, the Vulindlela Investment TrustĀ represents the community in Ncera Macadamia Farming. With a 51% stake in the company, the principal role of the Vulindlela Investment Trust is to ensure that the operations of Ncera Macadamia Farming are exercised in a fair and transparent manner whilst creating an enabling environment for the economic transformation of the Ncera community.


Secure land availability

Land availability on a lease basis over a long term period minimum 80 years subject to enterprise viability

Organise skills development programmes

Provision of security

Mobilise access to government grants

Mobilise project support by the communities


While there are 300ha of established orchards, a hotel, conference facility, restaurants and a great scenic route have the potential to turn Ncera into a tourist attraction. A perfect pit stop along the N2 route could offer visitors many delightful organic treats ranging from a selection of herbal teas to macadamia ice cream. This could be in the form of an outlet selling value-added macadamia products such as macadamia oil, chocolate coated macadamia nuts, confectionary, salted roasted macadamia nuts, hampers and gift vouchers can be developed to generate income as done very successfully in Australia.

Tourists could also enjoy organised tours of the 300ha of the macadamia plantation, with the benefit of international buyers visiting Ncera bringing more exposure to various foreign markets.

Skills transfer is a top priority for Ncera Macadamia Farming as it facilitates the development of previously disadvantaged people and we do this by employing the right people for the right jobs and followed up by intensive training.

The nature of the macadamia crop lends itself to hand harvesting thus making the operation labour intensive. The operation thus features a strong human resource potential which will bode well for the Ncera community. Currently employing 150 community members, this will be increased to about 300 to 400 jobs in the long term.

The policy of the company is to procure as many services and goods within the Ncera community. Consequently, up to R200,000 per annum has been set aside for services of contractors operating within the Ncera community. The services include tractor hire, transportation, accommodation, welding, plumbing, painting and building.